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forex edge model review

Forex Edge Model Review

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This is my Forex Edge Model Review, If you are trying to find the official Forex Edge Model website, make sure you click the link below:

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Earlier this year, I got a sneak peak of the course and tested the beta version of the system.

Let Me tell you something…

Rules are changing rapidly in the forex market these days. There are so many factors that come in to play, that it is becoming harder and harder to figure out the trends of the market. Unless you are a experienced trader, who knows, where and what to look for, you are going down… Fast…There is no “get rich quick” trading robot, that the best traders are using. They simply took their time to educate themselves and understand what makes the market move one way or another. And that is what forex is all about. And it actually is “that easy”, once you get the hang of it.

Forex Edge Model is a brand new product that is going to be available on January 1st 2014. The man behind it is Daniel Walker, who has been trading professionally for the past 5 years, but he has been in the “game” for much longer. He mainly focuses on the EUR/USD and USD/CAD pairs. Of course he trades others as well, but these two have proven to be the most profitable for him. Over the years he and his team developed three custom programmed indicators with proprietary formulas, that generate accurate trading calls.

Lets go a little bit deeper into the Forex Edge Model Review

Forex Edge Model Review – What Is It all About?

The Forex Edge Model is a comprehensive forex training course that will be delivered as a physical product that consists of:

  • A Printed Quick Start Guide,
  • Trading System Indicators
  • 4 DVDs
  • Private Members area Access

The Forex Edge Model course takes you from the ground up, building a really solid foundation, to help you get on the right path at the start. Daniel Walker had his ups and downs and learned from his own mistakes, to perfect his methods!

DVD#1 - covers the basic introduction of the training program. You’ll learn what the Forex Market actually is in its core. Investments banks and part time traders aren’t the only ones who are trading in the market. You’ll find out who the various players are.If you want to know more about: brokers, trading sessions, currency pairs, types of charts, time frames, higher highs, higher lows, lower lows, lower highs, forex trading terms, trendlines, breakouts and fakeouts, chart patterns, candlestick patterns, technical indicators and more, don’t worry the first Dvd covers it all.

DVD #2 – this is the core strategy overview, which teaches you all the core concepts and the trading methodologies behind the system. How to spot trends and use them to profit? Finding trends within trends? How to use a trend following strategy? Other topics covered here include: multi time frame trading, trade exits, different trading styles, when to trade the forex edge system, managing your profits, psychology behind trading and risk management to protect you from losing your investments.

DVD #3 – this is where you’ll learn the system itself and its first aspect. Here you will see the potential of the system itself. The two basic indicators are TrendEntry and TrendEdge, both working together, to predict the winning trades. Setting up the platform to start trading, chart setup, long entry rules, short entry rules, risk to reward scenarios, trade exits, fundamental analysis, long entry examples, short entry examples…

DVD #4 – two advanced tactics, prepare you, so you will be able to trade in all conditions. Supply and Demand and why is it affects trading, why resistance and support work, how to spot resistance and support and use it to your advantage, the unique PriceWall indicator and different tactics for using it, how to avoid weaksetups, when to exit trades, advanced risk management and more…

The Quick Start Guide - a printed manual, for you to get right into action!

Private Members Area – complimentary access to new training videos, system updates, webinars…

Forex Edge Model Review – What I didn’t like?

One thing I didn’t like at first with the Forex Edge Model, was the fact that most of the training is so in depth. Not that that’s a bad thing, don’t get me wrong… There are a TON of videos and tutorials in there and it will take you some to go through it all. Daniel Walker totally over delivers in this course. Just so you know, you will be spending some time in front of your computer, going through it all!

Forex Edge Model Review – What I Like?

The thing I like about the Forex Edge Model System is the fact that I was able to combine the techniques with my own. I’ve been trading for some time and I must say, that even I found some “golden nuggets” in there. I’ve been resarching it for some time now and things are starting to come together, so now I will just give the product to my team, so they can learn how to use the techniques and start trading.

Although, there is a LOT of videos and material to go through, the course is structured in a systematic way, which makes it easy to go through and implement. That’s really important for me and especially if I want to outsource a some of my trading and start to scale my business!

Forex Edge Model Review – Overall Thoughts

If you are looking to upgrade your trading or you are just starting out, Forex Edge Model is a sure bet for you. You will get more out of this course in a few weeks, than you would in months going through it by yourself or some other stuff that is available out there! And it is infinitely cheaper and safer, than hiring someone to handle your money.

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